Tony Garifalakis

Born 1964 in Melbourne, Victoria where he currently lives and works.

Tony Garifalakis’ practice over the past two decades has constituted an examination of social relations and the semiotics of power. His work particularly engages the ways in which the meaning of signs, symbols and images might be ascribed, conveyed or transformed through culture, and how conventional notions of hierarchy and status might be undermined or subverted. Garifalakis interrogates social, political, artistic and religious systems of belief – as well as the institutions that uphold them – through a range of strategies that include amplification of the signifiers utilised by those institutions themselves; subversive juxtaposition of image and text; and the deployment of dark, incongruous humour. Previously, Garifalakis has utilised the imagery from various of his own subcultural interests to consider the ways in which such iconography infiltrates popular culture.

These concerns have manifest in works such as Affirmations, a body of work that explores belief systems underpinning both New Age movements and gun culture groups; Anti-Christs, an ongoing project examining various conspiracy theories, specifically the attempts made to identify and name the Anti-Christ; and Mob Rule, in which portraits of powerful figures such as heads of state, royalty and military leaders are obscured with black paint. These works are reflective of the artist’s broader concerns around the signification of authority and the legitimacy of those who wield it. They are also both humorous and politically charged – a deft combination that continues to underscore Gariflalakis’ work to powerful effect. 


1999 – 2000  Masters in Fine Art (Painting), RMIT University, Melbourne
1983 – 1985  Diploma in Graphic Design, Victoria College, Melbourne


2022  DUMMKOPF (with Matthew Ware) Caves Gallery, Melbourne"
Future History, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
2021  Scum Suite, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
2018  Information Discharge Systems, Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne
Bloodline, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney
2016  Repertoires of Contention (with Joaquin Segura), curated by Ivan Muniz Reed, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
Bloodline, Sarah Scout Presents, Auckland Art Fair, New Zealand
2015  Ant-Christs, Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney
Affirmations, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
2014  Shock and Awe, Art Gallery of New South Wales
Mob Rule, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
Angels of the Bottomless Pit, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
2013  Angels of the Bottomless Pit, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
2012  Department of Misanthropic Affairs, db Projects, Sydney
Affirmations, Daine Singer Gallery, Melbourne
Denimism (with Tully Moore), Westspace, Melbourne
Tony Garifalakis and Richard Lewer, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
2011  OK Moses! (with Lane Cormick), Bus Projects, Melbourne
Mutually Assured Destruction, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane
The Misery of Philosophy, Curro Y Poncho, Guadalajara, Mexico
The Philosophy of Misery, Yautepec, Mexico City, Mexico 
2010  Bad Scene, Uplands Gallery, Melbourne
2008  Cover Ups, Uplands Gallery, Melbourne
New Work, ISCP, New York
Infinity Land, Hell Gallery, Melbourne
2006  Paradise Slaves, Uplands Gallery, Melbourne
Detritus, Dudespace Gallery, Melbourne
No Fun, The Cage, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne
2004  The Other Hell, MIR 11, Melbourne
2003  The Spectre Smitten, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
Dirt, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces
F.T.W, 24 Seven, Melbourne 
2002  Le Grand Grimoire, TCB Art Inc, Melbourne
Graveyard Boys and Cemetery Girls, Penthouse and Pavement, Melbourne
2001   Demonaz Doom Occulta, First Floor Artists and Writers Space, Melbourne
Thirteen, Linden Art Centre, Melbourne
2000  Metal Theory (with Guy Benfield), First Floor Artist and Writers Space, Melbourne
Bad blood, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne


2021  Wall Drawings, curated by Danny Lacy and Ellinor Pelz
Black & Gold, Warrnambool Art Gallery
Spring Group Show, Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne
Conners Conners Fundraiser, Conners Conners, Melbourne
Ligature, VCA Editions, Megalo Print Studio, Canberra
2020  Plan B, Hugo Michell Gallery
2019  Gorrillas in our midst, curated by Pippa Mott, Jane Clark and Nicole Durling in consultation      
with Christoper Chabris and Daniel Simons, Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart
Hope Dies Last: Art at the End of Optimism, curated by Mark Feary, Gertrude Contemporary
and Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
The National: New Australian Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
Museum of Platitudes and Aphorisms, curated by Phil Edwards, C3 Gallery, Melbourne
National Anthem, Buxton Contemporary, Melbourne 
2018  Decade, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
WORD, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
The Shape of Things to Come, Buxton Contemporary, Melbourne
Group Show, Spring 1883, Sarah Scout Presents, Windsor Hotel, Melbourne
2017  The Sunshine Suite, curated by Jon Campbell, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney
9X5 NOW, curated by Elizabeth Gower, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
As Long as the Night is Dark, curated by Simon Pericich, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, NSW
Group Show, Spring 1883, Sarah Scout Presents, Establishment Hotel, Sydney
2016  Authenticity…? curated by Peter Hill and Richard Ennis, Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne
The Museum of Doubt, curated by Peter Hill, Despard Gallery, Hobart
A Billion Bucks, curated by Justin Hinder, The Honeymoon Suite, Melbourne
Erewhon, curated by Vikki McInnes, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
Negative Approach, curated by Dan Price and Shae Nagorcka, Gertrude Glasshouse, Melbourne
Group Show, Spring 1883, Sarah Scout Presents, Windsor Hotel, Melbourne
Flashback, Stalke Galleri, Kirke Sonnerup, Denmark
2015  Pleasure and Reality, curated by Jane Devery and Serena Bentley, National Gallery of Victoria at Federation Square, Melbourne
Grey Matter, curated by Mark Feary, Artbank, Sydney
Hiding in Plain Sight, Bendigo Art Gallery, Bendigo
Neverwhere, Gaia Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
Sydney Contemporary Art Fair with Hugo Michell Gallery,  Carriageworks, Sydney
Activate, animate, complicate, grow. curated by Vincent Alessi, The Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne
2014  Fin, curated by Melissa Loughnan, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne
The Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art The Dark Heart, The Art Gallery of South Australia
Don’t hide the hate, curated by Christopher Sciuto & Patrice Sharkey, Slopes, Melbourne
Dear Masato, all at once, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
Liminal Narratives, curated by Frances Lindsay, The Gallery at BACC, Brighton
Whisper in my Mask: TarraWarra Biennial 2014, TarraWarra Museum of Art, Healesville
2013  Melboune Now, National Gallery of Victoria
Theatre of the World, curated by Jean-Hubert Martin, La Maison Rouge, Paris
Decline, curated by Harriet Morgan, Top Shelf Gallery, Melbourne 
Pigeon Auction, curated by Toni Bailey, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney
A Million Bucks, curated by Justin Hinder, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne
Pivotal, curated by Drew Pettifer, Bus Projects, Melbourne
2012  Negotiating This World: Contemporary Australian Art, National Gallery of Victoria at
Federation Square, Melbourne
A Postcard From Afar, curated by Mark Feary, Apex Art. New York
Theatre of the World, curated by Jean-Hubert Martin, Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart
Things Fall Apart, curated by Blair French & Mark Feary, Artspace, Sydney
Crisis Complex, curated by Sumugan Sivanesan and Laura McLean, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney
History of the Universe Pt 2: The End, curated by C Reeves, Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Dodecahedron, curated by Adam Cruickshank, Platform, Melbourne  Like, curated by Toni Bailey, Casula Powerhouse Art Centre, Sydney
Yonder, curated by Jasmine Stephens, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth
This Is Not A Love Song, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne
2011  Trust Me, curated by Olivia Poloni, Galerie Charlotte Desaga, Cologne, Germany
Hollywood Forever, curated by James Marshall, Feltspace, Adelaide
The Devil Had A Daughter, curated by Kirrily Hammond, Monash University Museum of Art
Detours Through Abstraction, curated by Alex Baker, Arts Project Australia
Endism, 24 HR Art, Darwin, Northern Territory
Monanism, The Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, Tasmania
2010  Print Resolution, Centre of Contemporary Photography Booth, Melbourne Art Fair
Bela Lugosi’s Dead, Death be kind, Melbourne
Omega, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
Autumn Masterpieces, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
2009  Welcome to the Death Show, Parramatta Artists Studios, New South Wales
Problem Solving : Espress Yourself, Uplands Gallery, Melbourne
Bad Moon Rising 4, Galerie Sans Titre, Brussels, Belgium
Uncle Chop Chop, EMBASSY, Edinburgh, UK 
+/-, Monash Faculty Gallery, curated by Danny Lacy, Monash University Faculty Gallery, Caulfield
Hell is other people, Inflight, Hobart, Tasmania
Dark Liaisons, curated by Ashley Crawford, 24 hr Art, Darwin
Enviroments, Project Space/Spare Room Gallery, RMIT, Melbourne
The Last Session, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Cock and Bull, Curators: Vikki McInnes & Kate Daw, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
Bad Moon Rising 3, Curator: Jan Van Woensel & Jessica Silverman, Boots Contemporary, St Louis, MA, USA
2008  Life Death Afterlife, Curator: Mark Feary, Silvershot Gallery, Melbourne
Bad Moon Rising (special), Curator: Jan Van Woensel, ISCP, New York
Neo Goth – Back in Black, Curator: Alison Kubler, University of Queensland Art Museum,  Brisbane
Revolving Doors, Curators: Jarrod & Tara Rawlins, Uplands Gallery, Melbourne
2007  Relentless Optimism, curated by Mark Feary, Carlton Hotel, Melbourne
Lane Cormick & Tony Garifalakis, Occular Lab, Melbourne
2006  Zoo Art Fair 2006, Bureau Gallery, London, UK 
Silenzi, Curators: Natalie King & Giovanna Zabotti, Palazzo delle Prigioni, Venice, Italy
printROOM, Curator: Karin de Jong, Bureau Gallery, Manchester, UK
Family first, Curator, Mark Feary, The Physics Room, Christchurch, New Zealand
2005  Family first, Curator: Mark Feary, VCA Gallery, Melbourne
The Beast with three Backs, RMIT Project space, Melbourne
Six orbits around the blue moon, Curator: Nadine Christensen, Ramp Gallery, Hamilton, New Zealand
Drops in the ocean, Curator: Ewoud Van Rjin, Het Wilde Weten (ROOM), Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Magic, Curator: Andrea Gilbert, Vamiali’s gallery, Athens, Greece
Merde on the dancefloor, Curator: Mathew Griffin. MIR 11, Melbourne
Portable model of, Curator, Tristian Koenig, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania
2004  Frequent See, Bus Gallery, Melbourne
2003  Wall candy, Curator: Greg Deftereos, Conical Gallery, Melbourne
Posted, MOP Gallery, Sydney 
2002  1st Floor final exhibition, Curator David Rozetsky, 1st Floor, Melbourne
Dredder than dredd, Citylights, Hosier lane, Melbourne
La peau parle, Musee de la Civilisation, Quebec City, Canada
Only the Lonely, Curator: Clare Firth Smith, BLOCK, Sydney
2001  Group show, Tobey Fine Art, NYC, New York, USA
2000  Spooky, Curator: David O Hallaran, Glen Eira City Gallery, Melbourne
1999  SKIN, Curator: Andrea Gilbert, Deste Centre for Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece
The Order of Things, Artspace, Sydney, Australia
Flatliners, Curator: Natasha Johns Messenger, Level 11, Melbourne
1996  X3 (In Parenthesis) Gallery Odyssea Elytis, Athens
Aerphost, Australian International Art Survey, The Debtor's Prison, Dublin


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2011  Studio Residency, SOMA, Mexico City, Mexico
2010  International Export and Touring grant, Arts Victoria
2008  Studio Residency, ISCP, New York, Australia Council for the Arts
2007  Studio Residency, The Cage, Victorian college of the Arts, Melbourne
Studio Residency, Passenger at Bus Gallery, Melbourne
2006  Studio Residency, Chiesa di San Leone XI, Venice, Italy
2004  International Export and Touring grant, Arts Victoria
2000  Pat Corrigan Artist Grant, NAVA.
Arts 21 International Touring Grant, State Government of Victoria.
1996  Arts 21 International Touring Grant, State Government of Victoria.
1995  Artist Grant, Australian High Commission.


National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Art Gallery of South Australia
Maitland Regional Art Gallery
Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne
Museum of Old and New (MONA), Tasmania
UQ Art Museum, Queensland
Private collections in Australia, Asia, Europe, UK, Mexico and USA.