7 April to 7 May 2022

Artist Statement

Purple haze is an ongoing investigation into acts of ritual, spiritual intent and mediated spaces within domestic settings. Purple Haze adapts interior design strategies to sculptural forms to make them into functional objects in which the viewer can participate in ritual. These work can be viewed as spiritual décor, a reimagined visual language for contemporary esoterica.

The work hybridises iconography to combine symbols of consumerism and spirituality. It borrows visual symbols from energy medicines such as crystal healing, chakra balancing, and astrology. Practices that are largely transactional, commodifying human interactions with the natural world and its elements. Such mixing and reconfiguration prompt viewers to re-examine their assumptions about holistic practices, interconnected consciousness, and their relationship with nature. Purple hues represent Sahasrara, the seventh primary chakra in Tantric yoga. This colour is associated with pure consciousness and other attributes including wealth, extravagance, grandeur, and devotion.