Min Wong

Min's sculpture and installation practice examines metaphysical and cultural esoterica of 1970’s countercultures, ‘New Age’ spirituality and recent renewed interest towards self-help and therapeutic culture. Her installations use strategies of appropriation, corporate branding techniques and nomadic meanings that are contingent and subject to the contemporary dilemma of spirituality. 

Min’s practice explores utopias and esoteric practices to reimagine a renewal of connection between nature, community and spirituality in coexistence. By looking back to past and present spiritual movements, Min’s installations investigate illusory hopes, desire, failure and seeks to remodel speculative worlds as possible futures within the contemporary dystopic. 

Min Wong has participated in international residencies in Spain, China and Los Angeles and recently exhibited at Housemuseum Galleries, Newcastle Regional Gallery, Verge Gallery, Hugo Michell Gallery and FirstDraft. Min has exhibited in prizes such as Churchie Emerging Art Prize and the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize and in 2019 was the recipient of the Sculpture prize for the Ghost Fisher Art Award Prize. Min recently exhibited in the Adelaide Biennal of Australian Art in 2022.


2019-2021 Masters by Research, Fine Art, UNSW Art and Design
2015-16      Honours Visual Arts, University of South Australia, South Australia
1998             Bachelor of Visual Communications (Honours), University of Technology, Sydney, NSW
2022  52 Actions, Artspace touring exhibition, Penrith Regional Gallery
Purple Haze, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
Min Wong X Shana Moulton, Cement Fondu
2021  Purple Haze, MFA examination, Clothing Store, Carriageworks
2020 Inner workout, Artspace Ideas, Platform, Sydney
2019  Karma is a bitch, Verge Gallery, Sydney
2018  Born to get, not to give, Hugo Michell Gallery
2017  If you are struggling you must be happy :), Firstdraft, Sydney Tammy and Jim, FELTspace, Adelaide
2016  Namaste bitches, Fontanelle Gallery, Adelaide 2015 The innocents, Mars Gallery, Melbourne
2022  Free/State, Adelaide Biennale, AGSA, Adelaide
Palismpsest, Woollahra Gallery, Sydney
2021  NEON, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
Fishers Ghost Art Award, Cambelltown Art Centre, Sydney
2019  Between two worlds, Newcastle Art Gallery
Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Cambelltown Arts Centre,Sydney
Churchie National Emerging Art Prize, IMA, Brisbane
Unique state, Central School of Art gallery
Adelaide Heroine, M Contemporary, Sydney
Enter, Houseumuseum Galleries, Melbourne
2018  Personal Best, Verge Gallery, Sydney
Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Woollahra Council, Sydney
 Churchie National Emerging Art Prize, QUT, Art Museum, Brisbane Word, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
Poked by a bone in the cupboard, Stockroom Kyneton, Victoria FeltSpace Fundraising Auction, Feltspace, Adelaide
2017  Soft spot, Hard feelings, Holy Rollers Gallery, Adelaide New Werds, Fontanelle Gallery, Adelaide
Hatched, PICA, Perth
Helpmann Academy exhibition, Drill Hall, Adelaide Collectivists, Brand Library & Art Centre, Los Angeles                            
Old sinners and venerated spirits, Adelaide Town Hall
2016  Recent Matters, SASA Gallery, Adelaide
2015  Make Believe, collaboration with Talitha Kennedy, Blindside gallery, Melbourne
2014  City of Sydney – Crossing Boundaries, Sydney Town Hall
2021  Studio residency, Clothing Store, Carriageworks, Sydney Australia Council Development Grants
Individuals and Groups
2019  Winner Sculpture Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Cambelltown Arts Centre
2018  Arts SA Independent makers and presenters grant
2017  Australia Council Development Grants Individuals and Groups Helpmann Academy grant
2016  Helpmann Academy grant
2014  Residency, Eastside International, Los Angeles 2013 Residency, Jiwar, Barcelona, Spain
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2018  Front cover, Art Monthly, November, 2018
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Charles Darwin University collection Adelaide Council collection