Kate Just's '50 Rules for Making Art' catalogue publication, signed

$50.00 AUD

Published on the occasion of Kate Just's '50 Rules for Making Art'

The book 50 Rules for Making Art, by feminist artist Kate Just, shares a series of fifty brightly coloured, hand knitted text artworks by the artist bearing rules about making art, as well as a thoughtful personal reflection about each rule. The rules look like knitted post-it notes or reminders to self. The texts are in Kate Just's own handwriting. She drew each text onto a knitting grid before stitching each panel. This series was made during the year Just turned fifty. 

In the introduction to the book, Just shares: ‘While knitting, I reflected on the number of years I’ve lived and the many lessons I’ve learned about making art. This work is dedicated to my students and all the artists out there who are still working out how to make a life in art.’ As an artist and a teacher, I often see students struggling with the limits and expectations they put upon themselves. I wanted to remind myself and newer artists that we can make our own rules about making art that are nurturing, guiding, and freeing, rather than restrictive and oppressive.

Open edition
Signed by the artist
All artwork photography by Simon Strong
Dimensions 25.5 x 20 x 0.5 cm

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