Lucas Grogan 'You Deserve Better' Unique Edition

$300.00 AUD

You Deserve Better is a unique edition artwork by Lucas Grogan, presented by Hugo Michell Gallery in 2020 as part of the solo exhibition Late Last Night.

Lucas Grogan draws inspiration from a myriad of influences, but his intricate geometric linework has always examined the ‘other’ and pushes the limits of what is socially acceptable. He is interested in the demarcations, prejudices and collisions between competing and/or colliding cultures. Exploring themes of isolation, inclusion and cultural collisions through an autobiographical lens, working across needlepoint, installation, painting and drawing.

Grogan's work is irreverent, political and laden with sexual themes and scurrilous humour. Manipulating a controlled palette, paired with an expert use of line, pattern and an acerbic wit. His pithy phrases and vignettes of everyday life make acute observations and connections across a broad spectrum of experiences.

About the work, Grogan states: “Social and environmental revolutions are at a tipping point. Though we’re still in the thick of it- I wanted to offer some sort of reprieve. I’m optimistic a new enlightened dawn is inevitable and not far off.”

Unique edition of 50.

Artwork size: Approx. 20 x 30 cm (dimensions variable)
Ink acrylic and enamel on wood
Shipping inclusive of insurance.