Hugo Michell Gallery Opening: Clara Adolphs | Ellis Moseley

Hugo Michell Gallery invites you to the opening of 'Silent Reply' by Clara Adolphs and 'Heist' by Ellis Moseley on Thursday 16th March, 6-8pm.
Clara Adolphs
Silent Reply

“I like to think that everything exists all at once. Or everything that has existed, still exists. My objective is to make these photographs alive, now. I ask the question, what is the truer evidence of time, the photo or the painting?” – Clara Adolphs

Adolphs draws upon discarded and found photographs which, by their very nature, represent a medium that is infinitely reproducible. And yet, each photograph embodies the ‘truth’ of a specific moment in time. Adolphs continues this process in her studio practice; remaking a painting from a singular image over and over to capture the essence of the moment in time that the photograph was taken.

In 'Silent Reply', Adolphs paintings each have a ‘pair’ or ‘partner’ to question the idea of the original and the copy, and how meaning is carried or obscured through repetition. In confronting this dilemma, she refers to historian Roland Barthes, who posits that “perhaps we have an invincible resistance to believing in the past, in History, except in the form of myth. The Photograph… puts an end to this resistance: henceforth the past is as certain as the present, what we see on paper is as certain as what we touch.”

If photography is a ‘certificate of presence’, then we might consider every one of Adolphs’ paintings as a similar record of presence. Through the work, she imagines a new landscape - a record of life.
Ellis Moseley

‘Heist’ presents an experimental and conceptual project that features exquisitely formed ceramic vessels and wall pieces. Whilst valuing the important aesthetic considerations of the object, this exhibition is part of Moseley’s ongoing research to test the limits of what an artwork can be.

Moseley’s assigns individual consciousnesses to the vessels in the gallery. The vessels themselves are not considered by the artist to be the work, but simply an anchor for the artwork, a physical object that accompanies the metaphysical artwork. Functioning much in the same way a church or temple does as a physical place for the consideration of metaphysical (non-physical) things.

‘Heist’ invites the viewer to examine what it is exactly he is claiming, through examining the nature of their own consciousness/inner awareness and perhaps that of the person standing next to them in the gallery.

The exhibition 'Heist' has been supported by the Helpmann Academy through a Creative Development Grant awarded to Ellis Moseley.
Hugo Michell Gallery are proud to partner with Bird in Hand Winery for this opening event.

Please join us in celebrating the launch of these two exhibitions!

Hugo Michell Gallery acknowledges the Kaurna people as the traditional custodians of the Adelaide region, and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today.

Selected work by Ellis Moseley, 2023


Easter Long Weekend Closure

Wishing you all a safe and fun-filled Easter long weekend from the entire Hugo Michell Gallery Team. 

Please note that Hugo Michell Gallery will be closed over the Easter long weekend, re-opening on Tuesday 11th of April for usual gallery open hours. 

Save the date for Clara Adophs’ ‘Silent Reply’ and Ellis Moseley’s ‘Heist’, opening on Thursday 20th April 2023, 6-8pm.

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William Mackinnon showing in Melbourne Now at the National Gallery of Victoria

We are excited to share that William Mackinnon is showing in ‘Melbourne Now’ at the Ian Potter Centre, National Gallery of Victoria, opening from Friday 24th March 2023.

Bold in scale, ‘Melbourne Now’ will be displayed throughout all levels of The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, including permanent collection galleries, showcasing new works and commissions by emerging, mid-career and senior practitioners as well as local collectives.

The painting Home and Away was featured in William Mackinnon's highly anticipated exhibition of the same name. This body of work continues the artist’s affinity with the quintessential Australian landscape in large-scale cinematic paintings which depict some of his most iconic imagery. He explores the possibilities of painting through what is often a fantastical representation of the environment around him: whether it be a roadscape, landscape, or dreamscape.

‘Melbourne Now’ is open to the public from 24 March to 20 August 2023. Visit the NGV website here for more information.


Pictured: William Mackinnon, Home and Away, 2021-22, acrylic, oil and automotive enamel on linen, 260 x 200 cm


Hugo Michell Gallery invites you to the opening of 'CABINETS' by Lucas Grogan and 'The Gleaners' by Paul Sloan on Thursday 16th March, 6-8pm.
Lucas Grogan

In 'CABINETS', Lucas Grogan takes the exhibition’s namesake as a starting point. Rather than the usual contents found in medicine cabinets, “good rooms” and libraries, his cabinets of are filled with an unreal assortment of things we need, things we want and things we can’t forget.

Some Cabinets operate like portraiture; collections that combine the aspirational and impossible with the low brow and familiar. Others like time-capsules, whereby every book title is a competing and conflicting element of the zeitgeist. Or like THE TEST, a combination of both, where the viewer must collect and follow their own thoughts, feelings and experiences to an ultimate resolution. They’re introspective, private and showy all at once.

Newcastle based Lucas Grogan’s distinctive visual language has developed over the years to coalesce into his recognisable style. He uses painting, drawing, needlepoint and installation to explore themes of isolation, inclusion and cultural collisions, through an autobiographical lens. His works are interwoven with dry wit and a piercing sense of humour

Paul Sloan
The Gleaners
Paul Sloan’s ‘The Gleaners’ takes its name from Jean-Francois Millet’s controversial 1857 painting. Sloan—a veteran gleaner of scenes himself—presents a collection of images spring loaded with meaning, which reflect on how we look back in order to look forward.
Frankenstein’s monster is imagined within social media. Protest placards of 1960s counterculture morph with self-help slogans. A classical bust recalls an ancient oracle. A turtle carries a soldier’s helmet on its back, alluding to the collateral damage of war. A black cat strides forward purposefully, in defiance of the message painted on its side.
In ‘The Gleaners’, Sloan reflects on the cyclical tropes and techniques we use to navigate impending crisis. Rich with the symbolism and seductive graphic impact that are the hallmark of his work, Sloan’s beguiling images provide poetic and prophetic insights for our time.
Hugo Michell Gallery are proud to partner with Bird in Hand Winery for this opening event.
Please join us in celebrating the launch of these two exhibitions!
Hugo Michell Gallery acknowledges the Kaurna people as the traditional custodians of the Adelaide region, and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today.
Paul Sloan, The End, 2023, Gouache on paper (unframed), 55 x 76 cm
Paul Sloan, The End, 2023, Gouache on paper (unframed), 55 x 76 cm

Marc Etherington joins Hugo Michell Gallery as represented artist


Hugo Michell Gallery welcomes the addition of Marc Etherington to our represented artists!

Marc Etherington spent his formative years ingratiating himself in the Sydney art community while fostering his emerging painting career. As a self-taught artist, Etherington has maintained a consistent practice in painting and small sculpture for over a decade and honed his unique style. 

Etherington’s naive application and heightened imagination have been integral in establishing his oeuvre. His use of colour and composition combine with his sense of whimsy to take us into an alternate reality at times nostalgic, absurd or humorous but always tapping into something we can connect to. His landscapes and interiors are depicted with an eye for highly amusing detail, touching on themes such as mass production, pop culture and collectibles. 

Currently based in Canada, Etherington has exhibited widely nationally within Australian and internationally. He has been a finalist in such prestigious awards as the Archibald Art Prize, Sir John Sulman Art Prize, and Wynne Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW, the John Fries Award at UNSW Art & Design, and Fisher’s Ghost Art Award at Campbelltown Art Centre.

His works are held in the Artbank collection and numerous private collections in Australia, North America and Europe.

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Pictured: Marc Etherington portrait for ‘Talking with Painters’ Podcast, 2018. Photo by Maria Stoljar


Hugo Michell Gallery Opening: Bridie Gillman, Sam Gold, Jahnne Pasco-White & Justine Varga | Anna Horne

Hugo Michell Gallery invites you to our first opening of the year 'Responsive Forms' by Bridie Gillman, Sam Gold, Justine Varga and Jahnne Pasco-White; and solo exhibition 'Colour me soft' by Anna Horne, on Thursday 9th February, 6-8pm
Responsive Forms
Bridie Gillman, Sam Gold, Jahnne Pasco-White and Justine Varga
This exhibition brings together artists whose practices span painting, photography, and ceramic sculptures. Through innovative approaches to form and colour, the artists create artwork that is responsive to their own experiences, emotions, and perceptions. Together, they demonstrate how artists can wield the emotionally expressive power of abstraction to communicate new ways of understanding ourselves and the world around us.
Colour me soft
Anna Horne
About this solo exhibition, Anna Horne shares: "'Colour me soft' continues my interest in manufactured materials that reference our built environment and embody contradictory states of balance and imbalance, softness and hardness. Using concrete, wire, packaging, spray paint, aluminium and rope, this body of work plays with the aesthetics and materials of the built world. Through these elements I explore the human desire to build and create stability, querying the need to make things last ‘forever’ and maintain permanency despite the inevitability of change."
Hugo Michell Gallery are proud to partner with Bird in Hand Winery for this opening event.
Please join us in celebrating the launch of these two exhibitions and our 2023 program!
Hugo Michell Gallery acknowledges the Kaurna people as the traditional custodians of the Adelaide region, and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today.
Anna Horne, Build it Up, Tear it Down, 2023, concrete, wire mesh, copper wire and paint
Anna Horne, Build it Up, Tear it Down, 2023, concrete, wire mesh, copper wire and paint. Photography by Sam Roberts

Paul Yore's 'WORD MADE FLESH' now showing at Carriageworks

Paul Yore’s ‘WORD MADE FLESH’ is now showing at Carriageworks as part of Sydney Festival and Sydney World Pride.

‘Paul Yore: WORD MADE FLESH is a new architecturally-scaled installation, anarchically composed of improvised makeshift structures, mixed media sculpture and found objects, collage and assemblage, painting, video, and pulsating sound and light. Conceived as a cacophonous, kaleidoscopic ‘gesamtkunstwerk’, WORD MADE FLESH’ imagines a queer alternative reality.

This work has been curated by Max Delany, in collaboration with Paul Yore and Devon Ackerman, and will be on display at Carriageworks from 5 January to 26 February 2023. Visit the Carriageworks website for more information. 

Sydney Morning Herald: Paul Yore's delierious Word Made Flesh pulls into Carriageworks
Concrete Playground: 9 of the best Sydney Festival 2023 Events

City Hub Sydney: Carriageworks on track for Sydney WorldPride

Pictured: Paul Yore, WORD MADE FLESH (installation view), 2022, Carriageworks. Photography by Zan Wimberley


Hugo Michell Gallery Open: Summer in the Stockroom

'Summer in the Stockroom' brings together new works and gems from the Hugo Michell Gallery stockroom. Featuring works by Clara Adolphs, David Booth [Ghostpatrol], James Dodd, Sally Bourke, Zaachariaha Fielding, Richard Lewer and Trent Parke, this exhibition is a celebration of the ongoing creativity of our artists. 

This exhibition is on display from 8 December 2022 to 27 January 2023. 

Hugo Michell Gallery is open Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm until 21st December 2022 after which the gallery will be open by appointment. 

Julia Robinson announced as winner of the 'Absolute Best South Australian Artist Award' for SA Life

We are thrilled to share that Julia Robinson has been awarded the Absolute Best South Australian Artist Award for SA Life’s ‘Absolute Best Awards’ for 2022.

The awards celebrate the finest in South Australian food, drink, travel and design, as well as the individuals and businesses leading the way in their fields.⁠

Congratulations to all the nominees for this category - Margaret Ambridge and Daryl Austin!

To read more about this year's finalists, pick up a copy of the December issue of SALIFE.

Portrait of Julia Robinson, 2022. Photography by Sam RobertsPortrait of Julia Robinson, 2022. Photography by Sam Roberts

Richard Lewer commission unveiled with opening of Sydney Modern Project

The expansion of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney – titled the Sydney Modern Project – has now been officially launched with the gallery unveiling nine Australian and international artists that have been commissioned to create works as part of the build.

For this commission, Richard Lewer went behind the scenes to capture the stories and portraits of people involved in the design and construction of the Art Gallery’s new building. His multipanel painting and suite of drawings celebrate the labour and personalities of those who have helped build Sydney’s newest cultural and architectural landmark.