14 March to 13 April 2024

The artist is always alone
Curated by Richard Lewer

Jeremy Blincoe

Jeremy Blincoe is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice focuses on sculpture and photography. Working in the expanded field, Blincoe combines unusual materials and technologies to synthesise intricate sculptural arrangements that confuse and collapse the ideological distinctions separating objects from their environments.

Jodie Di Natale

Jodie Di Natale is a large-scale figurative artist working in drawing and painting. Her practice employs a large-scale compositional strategy where the figurative protagonists consume the frame to boldly explore the fragile boundaries that delineate the monster within. The works utilise narrative qualities to serve as a visual commentary on the complexities of power and control with deliberate intention to challenge meaning and perception.

Ella Dunn

Ella Dunn’s art practice focuses on figurative, narrative based works. She uses paint to explore her immediate surroundings and delve into the intimacy of domestic scenes and personal experiences. She investigates connections to place, memory, and relationships, in particular, exploring the relationship between fictional and personal narratives and how they can be skewed or exaggerated.

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