8 September to 11 September 2022

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

Hugo Michell Gallery is thrilled to present the work of Australian Artists; Clara Adolphs, Bridie Gillman, Sam Gold, William Mackinnon, Paul Yore, Min Wong and design studio DANIEL EMMA. This presentation takes form as two contrasting spaces, each with different tempo.

As a prelude to his upcoming solo exhibition at ACCA, Paul Yore’s energetic works utilise textile, assemblage, and collage, continuing the artist’s decade-long personal and candid investigation into the intersection of religion, sex, politics and popular culture. Opposite site, Min Wong’s stand-out neon bathes visitors in a florescent purple glow. She uses strategies of appropriation, corporate branding techniques and nomadic meanings that are contingent and subject to the contemporary dilemma of spirituality. 

Moving through the space, Clara Adolphs, Bridie Gillman and Sam Gold’s works sit in contrast to Yore and Wong to provide a meditative reprieve. For these artists memory, sensation, and experiences take hold. Gillman’s gestural abstract paintings investigate ideas of place and the ways in which experiences and memories shape our perspectives of different locales. Adolph’s works are filled with quiet and pensive moments in time that seem to slip away as suddenly as the paint has been applied to the canvas. Turning to the slow process of Gold’s ceramics that explore states of futility, resilience and grit taking form as undulating wall pieces and vessels. These artists create a tactile space that together generate a celebration of memory.

Adelaide based design studio DANIEL EMMA’s suite of furniture pieces respond dynamically to each space, creating unexpected delight from simple functional objects in simple forms.

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair is presented at Carriageworks, Sydney, from 8 September to 11 September 2022