13 August to 2 October 2022

Artist Statement

Soul Seeker is presented as part of Cement Fondu’s 4th annual international pairing. Soul Seeker pairs together New York based artist Shana Moulton alongside Min Wong in an exhibition that explores the relationship between consumerism, self-care and the search for spirituality.

Commissioned by Cement Fondu, Min Wong presents a major new installation, ‘Lone Wolf,’ 2022, which explores contemporary metaphysical narratives, esoteric practices, ritual and the relationship of spiritual guru and seeker. Wong’s work is informed by her personal search for meaning through spirituality and fitness practices, and reflects diverse influences and lived experiences including Evangelistic Christianity in childhood and her Chinese father’s ritualistic practices as a Taoist.

Lone Wolf is Wong’s most ambitious work to date, creating an immersive environment that embodies and disrupts the architecture, equipment and ethos of exercise and wellness centres, adopting tropes drawn from the fitness ‘cult’ CrossFit and online spiritual leaders. The work also features video, and 3D rendered elements by artist and frequent collaborator Brie Trenerry. Through an ambivalent approach, which creates space for both cynicism and hope, Lone Wolf uniquely examines the conflicting dualities of contemporary spirituality.

Soul Seeker is open from 13 August to 2 October, 2022 at Cement Fondu, Paddington, NSW