Richard Lewer 'Richard's Disasters: a true story' publication, signed

$60.00 AUD

Published in conjunction with the 2021 exhibition of the same name presented at Hugo Michell Gallery, this catalogue is a limited edition of 100. 

Richard Lewer’s Richard’s Disasters: a true story is an autobiographical body of work that recalls some of the artist’s most personal experiences. This catalogue chronicles these works and the stories which accompany them. 

On this body of work Lewer says, “I have always used storytelling in my work to reach out to or connect people, observing and mirroring the human condition. I play with the idea of what is considered private and put that into public space. Everyone has milestones, tragedies, or significant events that have shaped them. Here, I’m using myself as a tool to shine a light on a few of these stories. I have had so many experiences – some of them my first memories, some deeply personal and private – that are unfortunate, embarrassing, humorous, absurd, tragic, frightening, unbelievable, or plain odd. Traumatic events like these often get buried out of sight, but I think it’s important to let down your guard, to be exposed, to be vulnerable. Sharing them in the work often means that people reach out to me, as they have had similar experiences. We so very rarely get to see each other’s vulnerabilities, but we all have burdens that we carry.”

This is a soft cover limited edition, signed by the artist, printed by Press Print
81 pages, soft cover, 31 x 31 cm, English.
Exhibition ran  11 March to 10 April 2021.