26 April to 26 May 2012

Film Object

Film Object is an exhibition of photographic works and moving images that explore image making as a residue of light and object onto film. With the proliferation of digital technology I am more aware than ever of the tactility of the analogue photographic process and its plastic properties, film has the ability to be marked by light and its play on the physical world as well as the physical world directly affecting the film surface. This way of thinking about the photographic image has led me to experiment with the notion of ‘taking’ a picture, and question the apparatus needed to do so. Black and white works within Film Object look to the tradition of still life genre and the treatment of objects through the lens of a camera, traditional imagery for traditional image making. In other works from the exhibition I have done away with the camera, recording the direct contact of film and object, abstracting the representation to a kind of shadow. Both methods of transference explore the inherent makeup and physicality of film and the nature of recording and representation.