30 August to 30 September 2023

 Eventual Horizon by Kate Kurucz

Graduating from Adelaide Central School of Art in 2012, Kate Kurucz is an early career artist based in Adelaide whose practice explores themes of loneliness, connection, and the relationship between absurdity and the sublime. Using specificity as a lens through which to focus these topics, Kurucz is often drawn to narratives of extremity - the world’s oldest animal, conspiracy theories, spontaneous human combustion - to continue unravelling what it means to be human.

‘Eventual Horizon’ is a meditation on the limits of our knowledge. From the willing self-deception of a magic trick to the abstract magnitude of what lies beyond the event horizon of a black hole; this work proposes that “un-knowing” is not the same as ignorance and that ambiguity holds within it infinite potential, even knowledge, that is lost when data is crystallised. 

‘Eventual Horizon’ is presented as part of the South Australia Living Artist Festival (SALA), and Kurucz was awarded as the WINNER of the 2023 Inspiring SA Science in Art Award for work in this exhibition. She was also a finalist in The Advertiser Contemporary Art Award and UnitCare Moving Image Award.