Trent Parke 'Cue the Sun' signed publication

$400.00 AUD

A week before the global COVID-19 pandemic took hold in 2020 the Australian artist Trent Parke found himself on a whirlwind road trip across Northern India. 

The frenetic photographs in Parke's new book Cue the Sun were produced while travelling between Agra, Amritsar, Delhi, Dharamshala, Meerut and Mathura, from fast moving vehicles, of the outside world as it rushed by, almost as if in a dream. 

The people rendered at 1000th of a second, are working through the night, pushing towards a smartphone driven modernity. 

“I kept feeling as though I could have been in any number of other countries at a given time. Though the windows I felt the past and future collide. The contradiction, beauty, chaos and hope. Humanity on the move.” Trent Parke

This highly anticipated artists book is constructed as a unique, vast, double printed concertina, taking you on a fantastical journey through the kinetic Indian night to a breath-taking dawn. 

SBN — 978-1-913288-37-2
Pages — 116
Details — Concertina / Swiss Bound / Foil stamped / Silk screened 
Size — 290x220m
Published — May 2022