Marc Etherington 'Burger #5' hand-cut original artwork

$350.00 AUD

'Burger #5' by Marc Etherington, 2024, is an original artwork presented as part of the solo exhibition 'My Old Heart' at Hugo Michell Gallery. 

Marc Etherington spent his formative years immersed in the Sydney art community while fostering his emerging painting career. Now based in Alberta, Canada, Etherington has maintained a consistent practice in painting and small sculpture for over a decade and honed his unique style.As a self-taught artist, Etherington’s naive application and heightened imagination have been integral in establishing his oeuvre. His use of colour and composition combine with his sense of whimsy to take us into an alternate reality at times nostalgic, absurd or humorous but always tapping into something we can connect to. His landscapes and interiors are depicted with an eye for highly amusing detail, touching on themes such as mass production, pop culture and collectibles.

Acrylic on hand cut wood with D-ring
Dimensions: 7.5 x 10 cm irregular

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